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Waiting for Godot- Cold Read Auditions
Monday, May 17 and Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Directed by Wayne Martin
Performances are early August.

Auditions for this show will consist of an open cold reading from the script.

Cast will consist of
One of the two main characters of the play. Estragon calls him Didi, and the boy addresses him as Mr. Albert. He seems to be the more responsible and mature of the two main characters.

The second of the two main characters. Vladimir calls him Gogo. He seems weak and helpless, always looking for Vladimir's protection. He also has a poor memory, as Vladimir has to remind him in the second act of the events that happened the previous night.

He passes by the spot where Vladimir and Estragon are waiting and provides a diversion. In the second act, he is blind and does not remember meeting Vladimir and Estragon the night before.

Pozzo's slave, who carries Pozzo's bags and stool. In Act I, he entertains by dancing and thinking. However, in Act II, he is dumb.

Boy He appears at the end of each act to inform Vladimir that Godot will not be coming that night. In the second act, he insists that he was not there the previous night.


Doors will open for registration at approximately 5pm with audition beginning at 6pm.

For additional information, contact Kyle Hadley at or 270-432-2276 ext 22.