Duck Hunter Shoots Angel 

Auditions March 14th and 15th


Auditions for Duck Hunter Shoots Angel will be held at Barn Lot Theater’s rehearsal hall on Monday, March 14th and Tuesday March 15th at 6:00 PM Central. You only need to attend one of the audition dates.


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. If you cannot attend either date, please email the Director, Robin Ford Frazier at to request an alternate audition. Please see character descriptions below.

*This is a non-paying volunteer-based opportunity.




SANDY - late 30s/40ish, tabloid journalist


LENNY - African American, 30s, photographer


LESTER - 30s, publisher of tabloid


DUANE - late 30s, short, Southern, duck hunter


DUWELL - his brother, bigger, late 30s, Southern, duck hunter


WOMAN - late 20s, Southern


KANSAS - teenager, 17


VOICE/BANK LOAN OFFICER - male, late 40s


GATOR MAN CREATURE - a half man/half alligator


Sounds of the Screen

Auditions March 21st and 22nd

Auditions for Sounds of the Screen will be held Monday, March 21st and Tuesday, March 22nd at the Barn Lot Theater rehearsal hall at 6:00 PM Central time. You only need to attend one of these days. 




Prepare to perform one show-stopper: ie, Broadway, screen, TV, etc. of your choosing (minimum of 1 to 2 minutes in length). Duets/trios will also be accepted.


Please provide your own accompaniment for your audition (this can be as simple as playing the song on your cell phone). No a cappella, please. 


Live piano accompaniment will be available during the show, if desired, but not auditions, so please plan accordingly. Your audition selection does not have to be your final show selection. Songs can be decided with the co-directors later.


Auditions will be accepted in person only; no videos, please. If you cannot attend either of the audition dates, please contact the directors, Chadwick Shockley Lopez at and/or Joseph McDowell at, or by calling (270) 432-2276 to arrange another mutually agreeable time to audition in person. 


Please understand we have a limited number of spaces to fill for this performance, so don't be discouraged from auditioning for future shows if you are not selected this time. 


We look forward to seeing (and hearing) you then! 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Auditions June 6th and 7th

More information coming soon!


Winter Wonderettes

Auditions July 25th and 26th

More information coming soon!


From on stage to back stage and everywhere in between, we constantly rely on volunteers to make the magic of live theater happen. 


Suffer from stage fright? Don't worry there's a place for you in our theater!?


Bubbly personality? Great, we need your help!


Retired advertiser, teacher, plumber, you-name-it? We will find a place for your particular skill set!


Click the link below to register for our volunteer database. Also, if you are interested in acting in one of our shows, come to our open auditions. See above for additional information.


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