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Bad Seed- Cold Read Auditions
Monday, July 5 and Tuesday, July 6, 2021 5:30PM
Directed by Vivien Worthen-Powell
Performances are late October .

Auditions for this show will consist of an open cold reading from the script.

Auditions for Bad Seed will consist of a cold reading from the script. You do not have to attend auditions both days. Please see character descriptions below.*

*Please note: the director is not set on the ages or physical descriptions listed, so please don't let that stop you from auditioning. We hope to see you here!


Rhoda Penmark: A neat, quaint and pretty little girl 8 years of age. By all appearances she is sweet but that is far from the true Rhoda that is revealed. Under that façade she is a cold, calculating child that sees what she wants and will go to any lengths to get it with no feelings of remorse.

Col. Kenneth Penmark: Loving husband of Christine and father of Rhoda. His military career takes him away from his family but he is devoted to them both and sees in Rhoda only what she wants him to see. A good looking officer of 35 or so in age.


Christine Penmark: Somewhat under thirty, a very pretty, gentle and gracious woman, quite obviously devoted to her husband and child. The kind of woman whose life is given meaning by the affection she gives and receives.


Monica Breedlove: A widow of 45 or so, plump, intelligent, voluble and perhaps over friendly. Neighbor and landlady of the apartment building where they all live.


Emory Wages: Monica’s younger brother that also lives in the building. He is also plump and friendly, but in contrast almost taciturn.


Leroy: The house-man or janitor. Monica describes him as “emotionally immature, torn by irrational rages and a bit on the psychopathic side”. He sees the true Rhoda, I think, because he is like her in many ways.


Miss Fern: The very prim and proper head of the most aristocratic school in the state. She has achieved a certain savoir faire, though she is in herself a timid and undistinguished old maid.


Reginald Tasker: A writer/journalist specializing in true crime. The script doesn’t give much of a description but he is old enough to know the work of Richard Bravo (Christine’s father) so maybe in his 40’s or 50’s.


Mrs. Daigle: Hair dresser and Mother of Claude the little boy that drowns during a school picnic. She is drunk and sad over the loss of her only child born later in life to her and her husband. She is desperate for answers regarding her son and a penmanship medal.


Mr. Daigle: A sad and quiet man wanting to but unable to ease his wife’s grief as he himself grieves.


Messenger: A teenage boy.


Richard Bravo: Christine’s loving Father. A man of 55 or 60, handsome once, but somewhat stern and weary.

Unseen Radio announcer: Someone with a good speaking voice to pre-record news broadcast of the drowning